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Privacy & Security Statement

Concerned about privacy and security on the Internet?
Havana Boys Club, LLC recognizes your concern. We want you to be able to place your order with us free of any worry. We have taken every precaution to protect your credit card information and want you to feel totally comfortable when you order from us.

Why is our Cart secure?
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most powerful encryption available on the Internet. This means that any information related to your credit card is encrypted when being sent to us, so no one else is able to read it. You know that you are entering a secure area when the URL to the left of the colon changes from http to https. Also, your browser may have a special symbol, like a key or a lock.

Having a secure server takes the risk out of your credit card transactions. We also do all order processing on software that is separate from the Internet, so there is no danger of anyone gaining access to your order information. We will keep your credit card information on file for future ordering convenience, but only if you want us to. If you don’t, it will be deleted as soon as your order is complete.

Your credit card purchases are, as always, insured by your credit card company. If, in an extremely rare case, confirmed credit card fraud would occur, your card issuer would limit your liability to $50. To show you that 4imprint is committed to the security of our Web site, we would take care of the $50 that you would be responsible for. This means there is absolutely no risk to you. We want you to feel totally at ease every time you visit our site to get information, request a sample and place an order.

**Please note that email is not encrypted and not considered a secure way to transmit your credit card information.