≈ About Us ≈

Havana Boys Club is a members only social club that captures an existing international network of like minded individuals with a drive for success.  Members share the desire for La buena vida! (the good life) fine cigars, great spirits and prime cuisine. Havana Boys Club’s unique platform offers exclusive venue’s in which members can enhance their private, social and business lives through our productive leisure time events.

Membership to Havana Boys Club is by invitation only, which is part of what makes this network unique, and the connections, authentic. 

Black Card members have the privilege of inviting a limited number of their friends to the network. If you know someone with this privilege, you can ask them to invite you.  If not you can contact us direct for a conversation.

 Black Jacket Member  (elite level invitation by founder only)

Welcome  to the prestigious realm of luxury and exclusivity:  As a member, you are granted unparalleled access to a world of refined tastes and extraordinary experiences. With priority invitations to exquisite fine dining, front-row seats to cigar excellence and exclusive access to captivating events and far-flung destinations.  Your journey as a Black Jacket member promises to be an odyssey of sophistication and privilege. Prepare to indulge in a life where every moment is infused with the extraordinary, where your passions are elevated, and where you belong to an elite community that understands and celebrates the art of living lavishly. La Buena Vida!


You must be at least 21 years of age to be a member of the Havana Boys Club.